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City Council approves District Energy Sharing System for Blatchford

The Blatchford project took a significant step forward on December 8, 2016, in the plan to create one of the world’s largest sustainable communities. Edmonton City Council has approved the framework for a Renewable Energy Utility for the community as well as $19.4 million to fund the initial stages of the system. The Renewable Energy Utility is based on a District…

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City releases plans for first residential phase in Blatchford

The City of Edmonton has released the detailed plan and new renderings for the first residential stage and section of park in Blatchford. The completion of the stage one plan is another significant milestone in the land development process, and takes the City of Edmonton one step closer to building one of the world’s largest…

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Blatchford utility construction underway

July 8, 2016 Starting July 11, 2016, the City of Edmonton will begin the installation of select portions of the storm and sanitary service connections at Blatchford in preparation for the first stage of development. “Much about the Blatchford vision is ambitious, but perhaps the most ambitious element is the community’s energy goals. While City…

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