Yes, Blatchford is a statement.

It’s a statement about putting life first when developing a community. Whether it means putting emphasis on a more active life or a more sustainable life. As the largest development of its kind, Blatchford holds the potential to influence the way the world thinks about creating communities.

The community in more detail

A place to live and a way to live.

Blatchford is 536 acres (that’s roughly the same size as our current downtown) in the heart of Edmonton. It is the beginning of a new way to live in our city and in the modern world. There will never be another opportunity quite like Blatchford—with 30,000 residents all living sustainably together this close to the core of the city.

Blatchford will be made up of two primarily residential spaces on the east and west side of the site, along with a town centre that will be packed full of life, an 80-acre central park, plenty of additional green space and a civic plaza. With all your daily needs in easy reach, Blatchford will almost be a city within a city.

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Blatchford West

Blatchford West will be the first. The first chance to live the Blatchford life. With 6,000 townhomes and mid-rise condos and apartments, it will be the first time this type of busy, buzzing urban lifestyle has been available in Edmonton. There will be homes suitable for everyone from young families, to young professionals to empty nesters.

Walking friendly. Bike friendly. Public transportation friendly. Small shops. Coffee shops. Bakeries. Picture the way you’ve always wanted to live in Edmonton, and Blatchford West will be your first opportunity to live it.

Learn more about Blatchford West – Stage One.

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Blatchford Park

Blatchford Park provides the best of both worlds: colourful, character-filled, lively urban living next to a giant park filled with plenty of green space, trees, wetlands, extensive trails, and two large ponds. It will be one of the largest open park spaces outside of the river valley. A true destination for walking, bike-riding, skating, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. A venue for events, festivals, picnics and pretty much any park activity you can imagine.

And it will all be close to home. The majority of Blatchford residents will be within a 2-minute walk to a green space.

The amount of land that’s been dedicated to park space (double that of a typical neighbourhood) is another example of how nothing will be standard, ordinary or typical in Blatchford. If there is a way to design something with more life in mind, that’s how we’ve designed it.

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Town Centre

The Town Centre will mean many things to many different residents. As the ‘downtown’ of Blatchford, it will be its own destination. Picture lively streets with shops, businesses and apartments, cafes, daycares, bakeries, an LRT station and favourite gathering places to just relax and spend some of your time.

The Town Centre will be a few minutes’ walk from any of Blatchford’s modern, urban, energy efficient homes. Over 1,000 condos and apartments in total will provide the opportunity to truly live among it all. And for those not living right in the Town Centre, it will mean an opportunity to meet the majority of your needs without ever having to leave your own neighbourhood.

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Blatchford East

Blatchford East will be another opportunity to live the Blatchford life. Again, character-filled, urban streets will provide residents with many opportunities to live more of those moments that truly make life worth living.

Blatchford East will have 4,000 townhomes and apartments in total. The East side is also where you will have the closest access to the two planned Blatchford LRT stations. This means super short commutes to almost everywhere in Edmonton and more time for fun with friends and family.

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Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza is where it all connects. It’s the heart of Blatchford—with life flowing in and out of it. It’s where all the other districts meet. The plaza will be a large gathering space where festivals and markets are held, where friends meet, and where community is built.


Building one of the world’s largest sustainable communities doesn’t happen without strong leadership and a strong vision.

Blatchford will be home to up to 30,000 Edmontonians living, working and learning in a sustainable community that uses 100% renewable energy, is carbon neutral, significantly reduces its ecological footprint, and empowers residents to pursue a range of sustainable lifestyle choices.


Blatchford is being built on seven design principles that will not only keep us on track to achieving our vision, but which will also help us create the most unique neighbourhood in Edmonton.

Planning and Design

What gives a neighbourhood character? We think great neighbourhoods are built when architecture, landscapes, public spaces, history, culture and quality of life are prioritized. Through intentional and thoughtful design, Blatchford will lead the way for a healthy community that is built for people first.

Ecological Footprint

Blatchford will demonstrate how advanced environmental design will not only provide ecological benefits, but social and economic benefits as well. Blatchford will be a community where it is easy for residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.


Energy, water, transportation and waste management systems are the cornerstones of sustainability and will be thoughtfully designed to reduce Blatchford’s environmental impact.

Open Space

Open spaces will be fully integrated into the community to provide both environmental benefits and places for residents to enjoy. Blatchford will feature a large central park that will be within walking distance for all residents, a network of open spaces and trails throughout the community, and spaces for urban agriculture.


Blatchford will continue to look at both proven and new technologies to be a part of the search for sustainable solutions.

Family Housing

Blatchford will provide homes for all stages of life. There will be a focus on providing family-friendly housing in a range of medium-density housing types like townhouses, stacked townhouses and four to six storey apartments. The community will offer a vibrant street life, outdoor private areas for homes, and a mix of affordable housing seamlessly integrated within the community.


The Blatchford lands are among the most historical locations in Edmonton. The history of the site as Canada’s first municipally-run airfield will be embodied in initiatives throughout the community.

Project History

How do you get from an airfield to a world-leading community?

  • 1927
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    The City Centre Airport opens, making it the first licensed airstrip in Canada. For decades, the airport plays a significant role in Edmonton’s history, and establishes the city as the “Gateway to the North.”

  • 2008
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    Edmonton City Council begins discussing redeveloping the airport lands into a new urban residential and commercial community.

  • 2009
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    Edmonton City Council votes to implement a phased closure of the City Centre Airport.

  • 2012
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    The community is named Blatchford to honour Kenneth Blatchford, the former Edmonton mayor who helped establish Canada’s first municipal airfield.  (Photo credit: City of Edmonton Archives EA- 10-1473)

  • 2013
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    City Centre Airport officially closes at 4:49pm on Saturday, November 30.

  • 2014
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    Edmonton City Council approves the development plan for the community. Later that year, site preparation begins including removal and recycling of buildings and runways.

  • 2015
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    Construction, including site grading and excavation for the first stormwater pond, begins on the first phase of residential development and a section of the central park.

  • 2016
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    Preparation for the first stage of residential construction continues, including stormwater management construction and sewer lines.

  • 2017
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    Construction work continued on site including installation of storm, sanitary and water services as well as piping for the district energy sharing system. In addition to utility work, the very first road in Blatchford was paved and the builder selection process began.

  • 2018
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    Construction work underway includes installing the geoexchange field under the future stormwater pond, construction of the first Energy Centre for the District Energy Sharing System, completion of Stage One utilities, paving roads, building sidewalks and starting community landscaping. Builder selection for the first stage is also underway.