City Council approves District Energy Sharing System for Blatchford!

Blatchford West Winter Skating Area

We know it’s too soon for the next edition of our quarterly newsletter, but this news was just too big to wait until next year!

Blatchford has just reached a major milestone in the project with the recent City Council approval of the Renewable Energy Utility for Blatchford. The utility will be based on a District Energy Sharing System, which is an extremely energy efficient way to provide heating, cooling and hot water to homes and buildings. Combined with the energy efficient building standards that Blatchford will use, the system will make great strides in achieving Council’s 100% renewable and carbon neutral goals. 

 In addition to the exciting environmental outcomes that will be achieved with this system, it also means that construction on the first residential stage and section of park can begin in 2017.

Here is how it all works!

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  1. caleb

    Hi there

    I would like to discuss how our team can use the tech we are currently using on our seniors development in Westlock just north of Edmonton. We installed Canada’s first geo-exchange structural steel screw pile, its an amazing piece of tech that has been integrated into both being the foundation support and providing heating and cooling at a cost effective point while reducing and eliminating energy consumption. We are having an open house at our site in Westlock at 9840 100 street , right off highway 18 and 99 avenue and we would welcome anyone from your team to come and see what were doing and how it all works. It is a total game changer in how we will design and build residential and commercial structures in alberta.

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