As one of the youngest cities in Canada, Edmonton is evolving to meet the needs of a new generation. It was a desire to be a part of this ongoing transformation that led Jeff Chase and Kairi Pawlick to Edmonton’s NextGen.

“We are a group of young, community-minded individuals that care about our city,” explains Kairi, NextGen’s Community Co-Chair. “NextGen is about connecting people and ideas to make Edmonton an even better place to live. We want to make sure young Edmontonians have a voice in shaping the city and in creating a lifestyle here that will attract and keep the next generation in Edmonton.”

Jeff, NextGen’s Civic Committee Chair and an urban planner with the City of Edmonton, understands the significant role urban design plays in creating the lifestyle this generation is looking for. “The fastest growing age group in Edmonton right now is people between 20 to 39 years old. We are a generation that is used to being socially connected, so it’s not surprising that we want to live somewhere that supports a lifestyle centered on community. The design elements being built in the Blatchford community will create the social, active, urban life that so many Edmontonians want.”

With walkable and bicycle-friendly streets, easy access to public transportation, a civic plaza, parks, entertainment, recreation, dining and retail throughout the community, Blatchford will be a vibrant, central community unlike any other in Edmonton.

“People are looking for a community that can offer the best of urban living,” says Jeff. “Edmonton is growing into a big city and Blatchford is an example of what we want for our future.”