Site preparation for the first residents continues

On July 11, the City of Edmonton began the next step in the construction process that will prepare the Blatchford site for the first stage of residential development.

The latest construction work involves the installation of select portions of the storm and sanitary service connections, including:

  • Construction of inlets and outlets for the first of the two stormwater ponds.

  • Construction of a storm sewer line to drain the stormwater pond.

  • Construction of a sanitary sewer line to eventually link stage one to existing sewer lines outside of the Blatchford site.

Building deconstruction (where the buildings are being slowly taken down with materials sorted to maximize recycling and reuse) also continues at the site. Starting later this year, runway materials will be crushed on site in preparation for future road construction.


Bold community energy goals

Over the last several years the Blatchford office has been designing a district energy sharing system as part of the solution to achieve Council’s vision for a carbon neutral, 100 per cent renewable energy community. Recently, a number of private companies have expressed interest in partnering with the City to develop a renewable energy utility to meet this exciting and ambitious goal.

On July 12, City Council approved a motion to further investigate the potential partnership opportunities with private industry. Work on this plan is underway with an update report scheduled to go back to City Council Executive Committee in October 2016.

What’s next? Once a community energy strategy is determined, the City of Edmonton will:

  • Complete underground utility construction and will begin surface construction (roads, sidewalks and public spaces) for the first stage of residential on the west side of the site. A section of the park will also be constructed at the same time.

  • Begin the builder selection process. Homebuilders will be selected through a competitive process to ensure the builders that are chosen align with Blatchford’s vision and high environmental and architectural goals. Once these fully serviced parcels of land are sold to homebuilders, they will begin residential construction and sales to homebuyers.


Did you know?


Because Blatchford is about creating a high-density sustainable neighbourhood, it will be the first community in Edmonton with no single-detached homes. All the homes will be condos, apartments or townhomes with a contemporary aesthetic and an emphasis on creative and innovative design solutions that are forward-thinking, high-quality, timeless and sustainable.


What the Truck?! and Blatchford
team up

Booth and tower 2

On June 18, 2016, Blatchford was the site of the second What the Truck?! food truck event of the summer, and for a donation to the food bank, event attendees could check out the view from the top of the tower!

Close to 500 people made the trek up the over 100 stairs to see the Blatchford site and learn more about the community.  Thanks to many generous donors, 73 kg of food and $1,008 was collected for Edmonton’s Food Bank.

An event that’s all about community, food and fun was a perfect fit for Blatchford, so thanks to the What the Truck?! team and the Kingsway District Association for partnering with us on this event!

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