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Say hello to Blatchford. A patch of land.

A field of dreams.

The difference we all want to see.

Some houses and a path

A community designed for those wanting to embrace a new way of thinking for living.

Central living. Sustainable living. Urban living. Community living.

Welcome to Blatchford: Forward living.

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The community in the heart with a heart

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Thoughtfully designed, Blatchford is a central neighbourhood where residents and visitors are never more than a few steps away from a park or plaza. Where it’s easy to get around and where lively streets are connected with bike lanes and well-lit pathways. A community warmed by renewable energy, strengthened by efficiency and fixated on resilience.

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A new way to live


Homes that are as family friendly as they are eco-friendly. Tree lined streets. Front porches and patios instead of front garages. Timeless curb appeal. Energy efficient homes that are warmed and cooled by renewable energy.

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Live in Canada’s Best New Community.


Blatchford is the recipient of the 2023 Best New Community Award by CHBA National and Edmonton Region.

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10 reasons why district energy sharing is good for Blatchford homeowners

Connectivity is Life in Blatchford

Connectivity is Life in Blatchford

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