Top 5 reasons to live close by

Life in the heart of a city has some obvious perks.

For example, restaurants, entertainment and cultural events are always close by. But there are other benefits you might have not considered.

  1. A place to gather
    Hospitality is a great way to build and maintain friendships. When you live centrally, you can be the life of the party and never too far from your friends. For out of town visitors, there are plenty of sights to see close by!
  2. Access to parks
    There’s more space in bedroom communities and suburbs, right? Not necessarily. In Blatchford, you’re never more than a block or two away from a public park. With more density, Blatchford supports more parks and plazas than most Edmonton neighbourhoods.
  3. Freedom to move
    Driving = freedom? The opposite is often true. A car covers long distances, but leaves you in traffic. And you have to find a place to park! In Blatchford, there are more pathways & bike lanes, so you don’t always have to get in a car to finish your to-do list.
  4. Living healthy
    Spending less time in a car means more time outside. Incorporating daily walks or bike rides can make physical activity second nature. This can make a big difference in overall health, while reducing stress and fatigue.
  5. Save Money    
    Sticker prices often cover hidden costs. A smaller, well-laid out home is more efficient and easier to maintain and will keep its value. By reducing the number of vehicles your family needs, you can save thousands on gas, insurance, maintenance and depreciation.