Architecturally crafted homes in the heart of Edmonton.

More life means more life in your home too. More time to spend with your partner, your family or yourself because you’ll spend less time commuting, less time driving around to get what you need and less time journeying to places to eat, drink and have fun. And you’ll feel better. Not just from living a more full and efficient life but from living in a home you know isn’t wasteful.

Two stops to downtown.
Two stops to downtown.

Stage 1 Development

Blatchford West


Stage 1

Blatchford West homes will be for the pioneers—those who can’t wait to be the first to live this kind of urban lifestyle in Edmonton. The first stage will include approximately 250 modern, innovative townhomes and low to mid-rise condos and apartments. As life continues to evolve in Blatchford, a total of 6,000 units will be built in the lively west side.


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No part of life in Blatchford will be standard and that includes the architecture. Imagine contemporary buildings quite distinct from anything else in Edmonton. With the most modern, innovative, efficient features available anywhere. But right here in the heart of Edmonton. And on a big scale.



  • A variety of contemporary and modern homes and buildings.
  • Consistent architectural styles for individual buildings.
  • Diversity of innovative building types.
  • Complete 360-degree design. This means as much attention will be paid to designing the back and sides of a building as is paid to the front.
  • High quality materials like brick, masonry, and architectural metals.


Urban design

  • Sidewalks, plazas, parks, homes and buildings will all be connected and integrated.
  • Doors on the streets will take you from your home immediately into the community.
  • Buildings will frame the street and not overwhelm it.
  • Street fronts will be pedestrian-oriented with no front driveways.
  • Surface parking will be limited and only accessible from lanes. The remainder of parking will be located underground.


Architectural details

  • Distinction between units through articulation and unique use of materials.
  • Front porches, stoops and balconies.
  • Roof top patios and green roofs.
  • Internal courtyard spaces.
  • Community gardens, low impact design features.

Blatchford Park


The Pond

The first to live the Blatchford lifestyle will also be the first to get to enjoy the Blatchford Park. A section of the park and one of the ponds will be built at the same time the first homes are constructed.


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Project Timeline

Construction of the first residential stage and a section of the park is underway!

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    On December 8, 2016, City Council approved the framework for a Renewable Energy Utility as part of the overall community energy strategy. The approval of the utility allows the City of Edmonton to begin construction on the first residential stage and section of the park in 2017.

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    In 2017, the City of Edmonton started construction on the infrastructure, roads and sidewalks for the first stage in Blatchford West. Construction on a section of Blatchford Park began at the same time.

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    Homebuilders will be selected through a competitive process to ensure the builders that are chosen align with Blatchford’s vision and high environmental goals.

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    Fully serviced parcels of land will be sold to homebuilders.

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    Homebuilders will begin residential construction and sales to homebuyers. Pricing for the homes will be decided by the builders.

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    First residents move in!

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    Additional stages of Blatchford residential construction begin.

Builder information

Blatchford will be no ordinary community and that means not using ordinary builders. Blatchford is as much about a lifestyle as it is a philosophy. Our builders will need to match this philosophy.

Builder Process

Fully serviced parcels of land will be sold to homebuilders who will construct the units and sell directly to homebuyers. To achieve Blatchford’s sustainability goals, builders selected for the community will need to meet predetermined sustainable building standards.

We have already started the builder selection process for the 12 parcels of land in our first stage of development, Blatchford West- Stage One. For this first stage, we are running a two first step process, with the first step (a request for interest) taking place late last year. Builders were required to apply to this first step to move forward in the process and to submit proposals for these first parcels available in the community.

Blatchford’s builder selection process reached another milestone this summer, as the second stage of the builder selection process started on July 9, 2018.

Participating builders will work on proposals that outline their commitment to sustainable and innovative design, and describe how their planned projects will contribute to an exceptional quality of life in Blatchford.

We will have development opportunities for approximately the next 20 years with multiple stages of development.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a builder partner for Blatchford, please email

Builder login for Stage One Invitation for Proposals is linked below.