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Living in Blatchford means you don’t have to compromise. You are free to choose to walk, drive, bike or take transit. You can live in a newly built home, customized just for you, that is five minutes from the core. You can have bike trails and walking paths, and live in a home that reduces your carbon footprint. You can live minutes away from every boutique, bar and restaurant downtown, and still be surrounded by gardens and green space. Blatchford offers the freedom to choose what's important to you.



Parks. Easy transportation. Shops. Cafes. Patios. Picture the way you’ve always wanted to live in Edmonton, then choose your home from over 6,000 planned townhomes, mid-rise condos and apartments.

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Your first chance to embrace more life. High quality architecture shapes each of the townhomes and condos surrounded by fantastic parks, retail, dining and other amenities.

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Park space in Blatchford will be double that of a typical neighbourhood. Blatchford Park, a central feature, includes plenty of green space, trees, wetlands, extensive trails and two large ponds.



Blatchford East has 4,000 planned townhomes and apartments, with easy access to the two Blatchford LRT stations. This means super short commutes across Edmonton and more time with friends and family.


NAIT will be an important part of the Blatchford community. The polytechnic school will be expanding in Blatchford as they plan for future growth to meet the needs of students and industry partners for decades to come. A student residence is expected to be one of the first developments on the land.

Blatchford Market

Lively streets with shops, apartments, an LRT station and gathering places to spend your time. Over 1,000 condos and apartments in total will provide the opportunity to truly live among it all.

Civic Plaza

It's the heart of Blatchford– where all the other districts meet. The plaza will be a large gathering space where festivals and markets are held, where friends meet, and where community is built.

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Life is great.

Life in Blatchford is even greater. Walk everywhere. Ride your bike, a lot. Go out, often. Visit all the time. Entertain. Relax. Rush less. Grow food. Eat that food. Lead a life less ordinary. Lead a life filled with more life.

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