Blatchford is about living more life.

You can live a good life in an ordinary neighbourhood. But Blatchford isn’t about living an ordinary life. Blatchford is about living an extraordinary life.

About Blatchford
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Blatchford West

Blatchford West will be the first. The first chance to live the Blatchford life. With 6,000 townhomes and mid-rise condos and apartments, it will be the first time this type of busy, buzzing urban lifestyle has been available in Edmonton. There will be homes suitable for everyone from young families, to young professionals to empty nesters.

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Blatchford Park

A true destination for walking, bike-riding, skating, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. A venue for events, festivals, picnics and pretty much any park activity you can imagine.

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Blatchford East

Blatchford East will be another opportunity to live the Blatchford life. Again, character-filled, urban streets will provide residents with many opportunities to live more of those moments that truly make life worth living.

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Town Centre

Picture lively streets with shops, businesses and apartments, grocery stores, cafes, daycares, bakeries, an LRT station and favourite gathering places to just relax and spend some of your time.

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Civic Plaza

It's the heart of Blatchford–with life flowing in and out of it. It's where all the other districts meet. The plaza will be a large gathering space where festivals and markets are held, where friends meet, and where community is built.

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  • Fully separate
    bike lanes.

  • Architecturally designed homes.

  • Over 120-acres of park and green spaces.

  • Community gardens.

  • Close to

  • As sustainable
    as it gets.

  • 30,000 like-minded residents all living together.

  • Once-in-an-Edmonton-lifetime.

Life is great.

Life in Blatchford is even greater. Walk everywhere. Ride your bike, a lot. Go out, often. Visit all the time. Entertain. Relax. Rush less. Grow food. Eat that food. Lead a life less ordinary. Lead a life filled with more life.

Be one of the first residents
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