Lots on the go this spring

Spring’s a time for new growth and if you visit Blatchford you’ll see lots of activity on site – it’s certainly shaping up to be a busy year! Here’s a snapshot of what’s on the go for the City’s Blatchford Office and the community’s homebuilders.

Land development & sales

Land development includes rezoning, planning and engineering design, and oversight of the construction of infrastructure like sewers, utilities, streets, bike lanes, landscaping in public areas, and parks. Land sales includes negotiating and selling land to homebuilders.

  • Approx. 29% of the developable land (land that is allocated for housing, retail, office or institutional uses) is either fully constructed or in the construction stage of the land development process.
  • When we add the developable land that is in the planning and engineering stage of the land development process, that means nearly half of the site has either been constructed, is under construction or is in the planning and development stage by the Blatchford Office.
  • There’s lots on the way from our builders, including more fee-simple and condo townhouses, and some much-anticipated multi-storey buildings! More details to come. 

And that’s not all…

There’s also a beautiful new park in the works (more on that soon)!

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