Blatchford: Business as Unusual

As an Edmontonian, Councillor Bev Esslinger is excited about Blatchford. As the elected representative of the area where the community will be built, she is preparing for one of the most significant changes her ward has ever seen.

Involving the communities near the site of this transformative development has been an important part of Councillor Esslinger’s work since she was elected in 2013. “This is an enormous project – Blatchford will be the size of about 362 football fields. As the Ward Councillor, I chair a Stakeholder Committee that allows community members and businesses an opportunity to provide input and to work together on a plan to connect Blatchford with the surrounding neighbourhoods.”

In addition to providing an exciting opportunity for the nearby communities, Blatchford will also be a new focal point in the city for all Edmontonians. With a vibrant town centre, a community civic plaza and approximately 100 acres of park and open spaces, Blatchford will be a great space for Edmontonians and visitors to enjoy.

Councillor Esslinger sees Blatchford’s benefits extending beyond just Edmonton. “City Council’s vision for this land was to do something that is considered ‘business as unusual’. Building one of the largest sustainable developments in the world will draw international attention to Edmonton. It’s an opportunity to show the world how innovative and forward-thinking Edmonton is.”

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