Blatchford Fall 2018 Newsletter

Buying in Blatchford

The chance for Edmontonians to call Blatchford home is getting closer every day! The Blatchford Redevelopment Office is currently in the process of selling the first six parcels of land in the community to home builders that share the vision for high-quality, architecturally-designed, energy-efficient buildings.

These first six parcels currently being sold to builders consist of townhome units, each with a private backyard and back alley access to a garage. These townhomes will also have the potential for garage suites or other accessory suites, expanding affordable housing options and opportunities for multi-generational living!

The next six parcels in Stage One will be released for sale to builders by the end of this year and include condominium style townhouses and two 4 to 6 storey residential buildings with potential for ground floor retail.

In addition to beautiful and energy-efficient buildings, the first stage of development also includes a linear park with community gardens, a playground, a fruit orchard, a plaza, an event area and much more! A section of the central park and the first storm water pond will also be landscaped next year to provide even more green space and outdoor living for the first residents.

More information on the first stage of development can be found at

Blatchford West – Stage One includes a linear park where the amazing community gardens, playground, fruit orchard, plaza and event area will be located.

Construction Update

As the warmer weather winds down, so does our 2018 construction season. This year, we finished the roads and curbs in the first stage of development, including installing paving stones on two pedestrian streets. These pedestrian only streets are just one way that the community will demonstrate a commitment to people-focused, walkable design.

The site is just about ready for homebuilders with power and telecommunications installation ongoing.

Explore the construction of one of Blatchford’s first pedestrian streets, Yorke Mews.

Experience our bird’s eye view of August 2018 construction progress across Blatchford West – Stage One.

Major work was also started this past year on the District Energy Sharing System (DESS), which will provide environmentally-friendly heating, cooling and domestic hot water for all buildings in Blatchford.

Construction of the geoexchange field is making significant progress on site with all 570 of the planned boreholes now complete. At a depth of 150 metres each (that’s deeper than the height of Edmonton Tower!) over 80,000 metres total has been drilled to date. These boreholes will transfer heat to and from the ground, pulling the natural heat from the earth in the wintertime, and transferring excess heat from buildings back into the ground in the summer.

Also under construction is the first Energy Centre, which will house the equipment needed for the DESS to operate. The Energy Centre’s extensive underground base has been constructed and the ground level building platform is scheduled for completion shortly.

The geoexchange field has hit major milestone with all of the planned 570 boreholes now complete.

The first Energy Centre’s basement is complete and undergoing reinforcement against Alberta’s weather with waterproofing and insulation work in progress.

ELA at Blatchford

Edmonton is one of the first cities in Western Canada to run an electric autonomous vehicle pilot project, and Blatchford was excited to be the first location for residents to experience riding in a driverless vehicle!

Over 1,000 Edmontonians joined us at Blatchford from October 9 – 16 to take a ride on the very first roads in the community. The Blatchford team really enjoyed meeting so many visitors and sharing hot chocolate and cookies to stay warm.

The vehicle operates at around 12 km/h, contains a ramp for accessibility and can hold up to a maximum of 12 people. This testing is made possible thanks to our sponsors.