Blatchford: Connecting Communities

Victor Dorian has made knowing about Blatchford a priority. As a long-time resident of Prince Rupert, Victor lives in one of the closest neighbourhoods to the site where the Blatchford community is being built.

“Our community has a lot at stake when it comes to Blatchford,” explains Victor, who also serves as the Prince Rupert Community League President. “I joined the City of Edmonton’s Blatchford Stakeholder Committee two years ago to make sure the impact on our neighbourhood was being considered in the plans for this new community.”

Since 2010, the City has been working closely with a committee made of up of representatives from communities and businesses near Blatchford to ensure those most affected are actively engaged in the development. Initial concerns from residents in the surrounding communities included questions about how the City plans to manage the increase in traffic as well as how Blatchford will integrate with the existing, well–established neighbourhoods.

However, Victor’s interest in Blatchford goes beyond just the neighbourhood connection. He is also passionate about green causes and sustainable living. “I have children so I think it’s really important to do these kinds of things for the betterment of the next generations. I believe we have a responsibility for the coming generations.”

Victor already has his sights set on being a future Blatchford resident. “My dream is to live there a few years down the road when I downsize from my home and garden. I’m trying to talk all my friends into moving to Blatchford so we can build a community within a community.”

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