Blatchford utility construction underway

July 8, 2016

Starting July 11, 2016, the City of Edmonton will begin the installation of select portions of the storm and sanitary service connections at Blatchford in preparation for the first stage of development.

“Much about the Blatchford vision is ambitious, but perhaps the most ambitious element is the community’s energy goals. While City Council takes the time to complete its review of the options, we are glad to be able to continue work preparing the site,” explains Mark Hall, Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment. “This is a shovel ready project, and starting to construct portions of the underground utilities means we are prepared to move quickly on the first stage of development once a renewable energy system is approved.”

The construction work starting this month includes:

  • Construction of inlets and outlets for the first of the two stormwater ponds.
  • Construction of a storm sewer line to drain the stormwater pond.
  • Construction of a sanitary sewer line to eventually link stage one to existing sewer lines outside of the Blatchford site.

The underground utility work is expected to take approximately five months.

In addition to utility work, runway materials will be crushed on site in preparation for future road construction. Building deconstruction, where the buildings are being slowly taken down with materials sorted to maximize recycling and reuse, continues at the site. The next phase of environmental remediation work is also underway.

The report detailing the development of the renewable energy utility that will help Blatchford achieve its visionary goal of carbon neutrality and use of 100% renewable energy is due back to City Council later this year.

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