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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Homes for Sale The community just keeps growing! Mutti Homes has announced they will be building more new townhomes in Blatchford. Their next development, Modern Farmhouse9, features 2 or 3 bedroom layouts, contemporary design and customizable floor plans. Encore Master Builder, Ocheller by RedBrick and Carbon Busters also have select townhomes remaining, so contact our builders today to find…

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Blatchford’s Energy Centre One – Designing a building for sustainability.

With residential construction underway, Blatchford is on its way to becoming the home of Edmonton’s first sustainable community. A big part of the neighbourhood being green is the use of an environmentally-friendly District Energy Sharing System, which is a highly-efficient centralized system that provides the energy for heating, cooling (air conditioning) and hot water to…

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Building A Sustainable Community

Building one of the world’s largest sustainable communities doesn’t happen without a clear vision and commitment. Blatchford is being built from the ground up as a model for a green, renewable, carbon neutral community. Blatchford’s Energy Strategy focuses on energy conservation, energy efficiency – driven by a centralized District Energy Sharing System (DESS), and the…

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