Pioneer Profiles – Meet Scott & Alexia

People are at the heart of Blatchford. The community will be a place where residents are able to live a sustainable, vibrant and fulfilling urban life that emphasizes what matters most to them. With residents moving into the community this year, we’d love to introduce you to some of our first homeowners – Blatchford’s pioneers – Scott and Alexia.

In this video, Scott and Alexia share what living in Blatchford means for their whole family, today and for the future. They are a multigenerational family, so purchasing a home with a secondary suite was a must-have for them. 

Knowing that by choosing to live in Blatchford, they are doing their part to make the future a bit brighter was also a factor in choosing the community. “Sustainability is something that we really care about as a family, so I think we are making a difference by moving into Blatchford,” explained Alexia. 

“There’s lots of great elements to it,” says Scott. “There will be shops nearby and things that people can walk to. We’re really excited about the opportunity to live there.” 

Watch the video below for their full story.