Mapping our progress

Check in regularly on where the Blatchford project is today with this progress map.

When fully developed, Blatchford will have over 80 acres of parks and green spaces, a connected bike network, a vibrant market district, local retail, multiple public plaza spaces and much more. Depending on long-term housing markets, Blatchford’s full development is expected to take roughly 25 years, at a pace typical of other neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

The City of Edmonton’s role in Blatchford

The City is responsible for developing the land and selling it to home builders – who then build and sell the homes.

Land development work includes…

  • Planning stage: Rezoning, planning and engineering design.  
  • Construction stage: Oversight of the construction of infrastructure like sewers, utilities, streets, bike lanes, landscaping in public areas and parks. Once this work is complete, that stage of development is considered constructed from the land development perspective.
  • Currently developed (Land sales stage): Once the land has the necessary infrastructure in place, the City can sell the land and homebuilders can start their construction.

Learn more about the City’s plans and progress for this never-been-done-before sustainable community here.