Paving Blatchford’s first pedestrian street

Explore the construction of one of Blatchford’s first pedestrian streets, Yorke Mews, in our timelapse video!

Creating a neighbourhood where people can more easily choose a sustainable and active lifestyle means challenging the status quo. 

While Blatchford will be designed for all standard modes of transportation, the personal vehicle won’t be king of the streets. Instead, a mix of high-quality urban design elements will improve access for walking, cycling, public transit and moving through the neighbourhood on any wheels not attached to a car (unicycling anyone?).

How do we accomplish this? Through deliberate planning and custom-designed streets. Some of the special street elements in Blatchford include wider sidewalks, custom street furniture, pedestrian-scale lighting, enhanced landscaping and mid-block walkways to make walking through the neighbourhood faster.  

Plus, the view out the front door for residents living on Yorke Mews and Fane Mews will be one of two pedestrian-only streets in our first stage of development. Finished with paving stones and beautiful landscaping, residents fronting onto these streets will enjoy a quiet walkway instead of the hustle and bustle of a vehicular road. (And for all the times when residents need their cars, the homes will have vehicle access from the rear of the building to access their parking).

Check out our sneak peek rendering below of the pedestrian-only street on Yorke Mews. Buildings still to be designed by our builder partners.