Stage One Construction Progress – A Bird’s Eye View

As construction progresses in Blatchford West – Stage One, elements of the new neighbourhood are taking shape every day. Paved roads, lanes and curbs, paving-stone lined pedestrian streets and the first roundabout have already been built on site. The new road system covers utilities installed across Stage One to provide future buildings with the heating, cooling, water and power they need.  

Blatchford’s District Energy Sharing System is also making significant progress. Crews are working 24/7 to drill the 570 boreholes needed for Blatchford’s first geo-exchange field, located under the future stormwater pond. Construction on Energy Centre No 1 is moving quickly with the formation of the building foundation in progress. Once complete, the energy centre will circulate ambient-temperature water through the distribution piping system to provide environmentally-friendly heating, cooling and hot water to the homes.  

Experience a bird’s eye view of August 2018 construction progress across Blatchford West – Stage One.