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Homes & Sales

Show homes are open in the community! Show home locations and directions can be found under our Show Homes section.

If you are interested in buying a home in Blatchford, please contact our home builders directly for more information or to set up a sales appointment/show home viewing.

We were happy to welcome our first residents in late 2020 and we look forward to welcoming more new residents into Blatchford as the community develops.

There are no hook up costs for residents to connect to the District Energy Sharing System. When residents are ready to begin their utility services, all they have to do is contact Blatchford Renewable Energy to set up their account. Blatchford residents will then receive monthly bills, similar to all other utility services provided to a homeowner.

To learn more about Blatchford Renewable Energy and the community’s current utility rates, please visit

The next stage of development in Blatchford West will include more townhomes with private backyards and laned garages, townhome condos and mixed-use condo/apartments.

Blatchford is about ‘building-in’ and creating a unique, urban, sustainable neighbourhood, so at this point in time we don’t have plans for single-detached homes. We do still want to ensure that there will be homes for people in all stages of life, so there will be a focus on providing family-friendly housing in this range of medium-density housing types.

The west side of the site is planned to have predominantly low-rise to mid-rise buildings between 2 to 6 storeys. There may be some slightly taller buildings (7 to 10 storeys) located along Alpha Boulevard to support local retail like coffee shops and bakeries in mixed-use buildings (retail on main floor and residential above). The Blatchford West borough will have an urban community feel combined with neighbourhood charm.

Homes in the east borough on the opposite side of the site will have the LRT at their doorstep. To support transit-oriented design, buildings on this side of the site are proposed to be a bit higher.

Retail & Future Phases

The next stage of residential development is ready for construction and we are currently in the process of selling this land to home builders. This second stage will be built directly adjacent to the current stage of development on the northwest and southeast sides.

Scroll down to Boroughs on our homepage and then click “Curious about Stage 2?” to see a detailed map.

Right from the start, there will be opportunities for local retail in the community. The first stage of development will have two mixed-use buildings with planned main floor retail along Alpha Boulevard. We are in the process of selecting the builders for this land and once they have been chosen, we will be able to provide an update on their timelines and contact information for retail opportunities.

Major retail space will also be located in the Town Centre, which is currently in the planning phase.

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Yes, when presented with the opportunity to redevelop the former airport site, City Council recognized this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something special with this land. Once the decision was made to build a sustainable community, a business plan was presented to City Council which outlined how we will build out the entire community over the next 25 years. The approval of this business plan in 2014, which included the project’s financial requirements, meant the community was given the go-ahead for redevelopment to begin!


Yes! One of the many great things about Blatchford is how many amenities and services are being planned right in the community. There is land set aside for schools and we are discussing needs and timing with the school boards. There are no current plans to build a City-run recreation centre in Blatchford. The decision on where these recreation facilities are built throughout Edmonton is made outside of the Blatchford redevelopment team. However, we do anticipate that as the community develops, private businesses like gyms and other fitness facilities will look at the opportunity in Blatchford.

In addition to amenities being located throughout the community, there will also be a town centre where retail, offices, shopping, dining and more will come together!

See the overall neighbourhood plan here.


There are two planned LRT stations within the community: one located near NAIT/Blatchford’s town centre and the other at the north side of the community. These stations mean convenient travel to and from the community for residents, students, workers and visitors!

Construction on the Metro Line NW extension (NAIT to Blatchford) began in 2020, with service starting in 2024/2025. For the latest information on the Metro Line, please visit


While we are designing the community so you can choose to drive less (or not at all), we know we need to still provide parking options for residents and visitors.The townhomes currently under construction have rear detached garages, while the future condo/townhomes and condo/apartments will also have designated parking areas. There will also be plenty of street parking available, so if you or your visitors choose to drive, there will be ample space to park your car and explore the community.

Community Leagues are community driven and formed by the residents of the neighbourhood. The building of a community hall is also driven by a formed community league. The Community League is supported through the process by City of Edmonton staff who work with leagues on an ongoing basis. For more information on community hall construction, please review the Community Group Led Construction Projects Guide.


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