September 2016 Construction Update

Construction of the first of two stormwater ponds in Blatchford is well underway. Last year, the south pond was excavated, and construction crews are now installing the inlets and outlet to the pond as well as the storm sewer line that will connect to existing sewer lines outside of Blatchford.

Why does Blatchford need stormwater ponds?

In addition to preventing flooding after heavy rain or snow melt, stormwater ponds provide an important environmental benefit by improving the quality of stormwater before it is discharged into the groundwater and North Saskatchewan River.

The vast majority of rainwater and snow runoff in Blatchford will drain into one of the two stormwater ponds. The ponds have been designed to ensure they can hold this ‘extra water’. As water levels rise, the outlet in the pond slowly drains the excess water into the downstream storm sewer lines, which discharges into the river.

However, the ponds aren’t just about functionality — they are also about adding an attractive feature to the approximate 80 acre Blatchford Park. The first pond will feature naturalized wetlands that will increase biodiversity and filter pollutants, a hard surface urban edge on the east side where people can get close to the water, and a viewing deck off the trail system that will offer people a place to stop and enjoy the view.

Blatchford Park (first stormwater pond)
The first stormwater pond in Blatchford Park will features wetlands to purify the stormwater.

Unique ponds for a unique community

Every element in Blatchford, including stormwater management, is being designed with environmental sustainability in mind.

Blatchford is using a Low Impact Development (LID) approach to manage the community’s stormwater. LID mimics nature by allowing water to infiltrate into the soil and allowing plants to filter out pollutants.

Blatchford will use LID features throughout the community, such as:

  • Green roofs
  • Rain gardens
  • Bioswales

Once water reaches the ponds, engineered wetlands will further purify the water. The first pond currently under construction was specially designed so the stormwater would pass through areas of vegetation before draining out through the outlet.

Below are the latest photos showing the construction of the pond.

The rectangular structure is the vault that will house the equipment that will regulate the water level of the future pond.
Construction crews install the main outlet from the first of two stormwater ponds in Blatchford.
Once installed, the pipes in the top left of the photo will form the main inlet to the lake from the first stage of residential development. The lake bottom around the future inlets and outlet has been designed to catch sediment prior to entering the downstream sewer system.