Blatchford Summer 2018 Newsletter

Blatchford’s builder selection process reached another milestone this summer, as the next stage of the builder selection process started on July 9, 2018.

Over the next two months, participating builders will work on proposals that outline their commitment to sustainable and innovative design, and describe how their planned projects will contribute to an exceptional quality of life in Blatchford. Once builders are selected, future residents will be able to contact builders directly to find out more about building design, pricing and potential move-in dates.

Keep an eye on our newsletter for official builder announcements, and find out more about what the first stage of development will look like here.

Construction Update

Surface work in Blatchford West – Stage One is well underway, with construction work on roads, sidewalks and curbs taking shape. Once complete, Blatchford will have a mix of custom designed streets, sidewalks and boulevards to create a safe and comfortable experience for residents and visitors.

Landscaping work will begin this summer, bringing site amenities to life as pathways and greenery are installed throughout Blatchford West. Community landscaping and park development will continue into 2019 as Blatchford’s exceptional green spaces begin to grow.

Curbs and roads are developing in Blatchford West. This pedestrian walkway will be completed this July, as paving stones are installed along the length of the street, adding to its character.

The roundabout on Alpha Boulevard is taking shape! To celebrate Blatchford’s important aviation history, the centre of the roundabout will have a unique heritage feature.

District Energy Sharing System (DESS) Construction

Blatchford will use three strategies – energy conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources – to minimize the community’s environmental impact and ensure community energy resiliency.  A key element to reduce the overall energy demand in the community is the creation of an on-site low carbon energy system. The system, called a District Energy Sharing System (DESS), will provide the energy for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for all buildings in Blatchford.

An integral component of the DESS is a geoexchange system that harnesses the shallow geothermal energy in the soil below the earth’s surface. In the winter, the geoexchange system draws heat from the ground for heating, and in the summer, it uses the ground to reject excess heat to provide cooling.

Underneath the first stormwater pond located beside the central future plaza, construction of the geoexchange field is in progress. Crews are working around the clock to drill the 570 planned boreholes, each reaching up to 150 metres in depth.

Also under construction is the first Energy Centre, which will house the equipment needed for the DESS to operate and provide the very first homes in Blatchford with environmentally friendly heating, cooling and hot water.

Crews are working around the clock to drill the planned 570 boreholes that will provide the first Energy Centre with geothermal energy.

It’s hard to believe these small pipes are all that is visible after drilling a geothermal borehole up to 150 metres deep. Pipes will circulate a mixture of water and glycol deep into the earth to absorb or expel heat.

Construction of the first Energy Centre is well underway. Once complete, much of the ground-level mechanical infrastructure will be visible to all through a glass facade.

People First Design

Every element of the first stage has been custom designed to make biking and walking an easy choice. A few of the unique elements designed to enhance life in Blatchford will start to take shape this year, including:

  • Custom designed streets with pedestrian-scale lighting and street furniture.
  • Pedestrian walkways with unique paving and extensive landscaping.
  • Wide, tree-lined boulevards lining all streets.
  • Mid-block walkways to allow residents and visitors to shortcut comfortably between buildings.

Alpha Boulevard will feature fully separated bike lanes lined with trees on both sides for safety and comfort.