Blatchford: Connecting to Business

If you ask Ellie Sasseville what she thinks about Blatchford, you are likely to hear her describe the new sustainable community as an ‘urban metropolis’ and ‘game-changing development’.

As the Executive Director of the Kingsway District Association, Ellie is excited to see construction work underway on site and is eager for the first residents move in. With 30,000 people eventually calling Blatchford home, the potential for new customers and services in the area is huge.

“The role of the Kingsway District Association is to promote the economic development of the area and to support the growth of businesses,” explains Ellie. “We think Blatchford has the potential to completely revitalize our district. There is definitely a buzz around Blatchford as more people become curious about what the new landscape of Kingsway will look like as the community is built.”

Blatchford will not only provide an exciting opportunity for existing businesses in the Kingsway district, it will also play a significant role in attracting new businesses to the area. As a mixed-use development, Blatchford will combine residential, commercial, retail and institutional space. In addition to creating a vibrant street life, this means businesses will be setting up shop in the community. Early estimates are showing between 10,000 and 12,000 jobs will be created in Blatchford.

For Ellie, the vision for the community will be a key factor in attracting retail and commercial opportunities to the area. “Blatchford is creating a walkable community where people can access their daily needs without relying on a vehicle. For us, that means businesses that support this lifestyle, like grocery stores, coffee shops and daycares, will thrive.”

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