Blatchford: Building green from the ground up

What will it take to achieve environmental sustainability? Since 1992, Carbon Busters has been working with communities and cities to find out.

As specialists in reducing the environmental footprint of communities, Carbon Busters President Godo Stoyke has developed an innovative solution to solving this global problem. “Building a net zero home is a great start, but to really achieve high efficiencies you have to look at the whole community. We believe we can decrease the environmental effects of communities through a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates education, zero carbon design, renewable energy and advanced green building practices.”

This integrated approach will be the key to achieving world-leading sustainability in Blatchford. The community has the unique opportunity to build environmental features into the development from the ground up.

In addition to green buildings, Blatchford is also looking at incorporating a district energy system to provide heating and cooling to the community, low impact development to minimize impacts on the water cycle, and an education program for residents to learn how to reduce their own carbon footprint.

“From everything I have seen Blatchford will be a world-class community that will put Edmonton on the map,” says Godo. “We are excited to see how Blatchford will advance environmentally sustainable community design in Edmonton and around the world.”

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