Category: Neighbourhood Planning

Mother Nature-approved landscaping brings buzz to Blatchford

A best-of-both worlds approach is helping to design Blatchford green spaces, with resulting landscaping that is both beautiful and environmentally smart. But if it’s just trees, grass and plants, isn’t it “naturally nature” and automatically environmentally friendly? Not always. In urban areas where we two-legged creatures have drastically changed the landscape, we need to thoughtfully design…

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LRT is coming to Blatchford!

We couldn’t call ourselves a sustainable community without having sustainable transportation options built right into the neighbourhood! That’s why we are excited to celebrate another major project kicking off in Blatchford this year – the start of LRT construction!  With almost half of all of Edmonton’s energy consumption being used on transportation, making sure our…

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Combining sustainability and urban design

When you look at sustainable communities around the world, each community is unique. They are designed using different technologies and with distinct streets and public spaces based on their individual attributes. But what will be consistent among them are the principles of sustainable community design. These are principles that been proven by experts across the…

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