Celebrating Summer in Blatchford

Live Music in Littlewood Park!

We’re so happy that live music shows are happening again in our city and we want to join in on the fun! Join us on the evening of August 18 as we bring two great artists to Blatchford for a free concert.

Bring friends, a blanket, a festival chair (26” from ground to top of back height), snacks, etc. and enjoy some great tunes and free ice cream. No tickets required.⁣

6:00 p.m. – Kaeley Jade
7:30 p.m. – Jenesia


Summer Events in Blatchford

Last month, we hosted a workout in the park, where folks from all over the city came down to Blatchford to participate in a group workout led by the team of coaches at Edmonton’s local fitness studio, The PROJCT. That night we raised $1000 in support of the Kensington School Playground Project with the goal of providing a safe and accessible playground for the community to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who came to support such a great cause!

Stay tuned to our Instagram page for updates on future events.

Mid-summer Construction Update

June showers bring July flowers, is the saying right? At least in Edmonton it is.

After a very rainy June, construction on site has benefited from sunny skies throughout July and into August. Our crews have been hard at work in the first two stages of the community and are on track to start work on the next stage of development in the coming weeks.

Work also continues on the Metro Line NW extension. Crews are making significant progress on the line from NAIT to Blatchford.

In August, crews are:

  • Continuing work on the trackway, pouring concrete and installing rails from Blatchford Gate Station working south.
  • Pouring the sidewalks, cycle tracks and crossings that will provide connections to the community once the LRT is complete.
  • Continuing interior and exterior work on the Blatchford and NAIT utility complexes, including the interior painting at the NAIT utility complex and roof installation at the Blatchford utility complex.
  • Installing the station shelters at both NAIT/Blatchford Market Station and Blatchford Gate Station. The station platforms are now completed with precast concrete panels in place.
To learn more about the project and how the LRT will travel through the corridor, check out the Metro Line NW LRT project website.

Something BIG is happening in Blatchford

Designated as a historic resource in Edmonton, Hangar 11 is a monument to Edmonton’s key role in the Second World War. The building has been sold to a private developer and the purchasers have big plans! They intend to transform the 200,000 sq. ft. historical hangar into a mixed-use commercial and residential space that preserves Edmonton’s aviation history while bringing a new and exciting space to the city.

We had the opportunity to tour the hangar and talk to the purchasers about their plans to redevelop this piece of Edmonton’s aviation history. Here’s a few of the pictures we took along the way.



How Blatchford’s District Energy Sharing System Works (in a heat wave)

Blatchford’s district energy sharing system is the highly efficient renewable energy system that provides heating, cooling and hot water services to the community. But how can a system that provides heating to buildings also provide cooling at the same time? Especially in a city like Edmonton where temperatures can swing from -30 ℃ to +30 ℃ during different times of the year.

With climate change increasing the odds of more frequent and extreme heat waves, it will become more important than ever to build resilience into our homes and communities as cities adapt to these extreme weather events.

Blatchford’s district energy sharing system uses renewable energy sources to provide cooling to the homes – all without the use of an air conditioner or burning of fossil fuels.

As residents in our community are turning down their thermostats to keep cool, this heat from their homes is being sent back to the geo-exchange field located deep underneath the earth. This heating energy will be stored until it is needed again this fall/winter.

Energy will also be able to be shared between buildings. A unique feature of the direct energy sharing system is that the word “sharing” in the name really means just that. Excess heat energy can be removed from one building and through the use of heat pump technology put back into the system to be used in another building that needs that heat.

Between storing energy between seasons and sharing it between buildings, during certain times of the year the community heating and cooling energy needs will actually balance each other out so no new energy will have to be added to the system. Essentially, the entire neighborhood’s heating and cooling needs will be met by recycled, renewable and shared energy!

So in Blatchford you will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer – all from renewables.

Talk about efficiency.

For more information on the district energy sharing system, visit blatchfordutility.ca.