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Blatchford Community Tours

What’s all the hype around Blatchford? Interested in learning more about Blatchford? Join us for a tour! Guided by Blatchford’s Development Manager, Tom Lumsden, this tour will take you through the community’s unique sustainability features and one-of-a-kind neighbourhood amenities. You’ll also learn more about the site’s aviation history and our path forward. The tour will…

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New Builder Profile: Common Ground

Anson Wong approaches problems differently. A mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in industrial design, Wong searches for pleasing design, then drills down until he finds underlying principles. “It’s never what’s on the surface,” Wong says. “It’s Alice in Wonderland. You go down the rabbit hole. Do something first, then the question and answer comes…

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New Builder Profile: NX Build

Andrew Jaillet and Robert Parasynchuk grew up on the same north Edmonton block, where they showed an early knack for ambitious collaborations. Like the time they shocked their industrial arts teacher by building an 8-foot boat, then took it out fishing on Alberta Beach. Having recently teamed up again to form NX Build, they’ve been…

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