Category: Urban Planning

Combining sustainability and urban design

When you look at sustainable communities around the world, each community is unique. They are designed using different technologies and with distinct streets and public spaces based on their individual attributes. But what will be consistent among them are the principles of sustainable community design. These are principles that been proven by experts across the…

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Blatchford: Building an Urban Lifestyle

As one of the youngest cities in Canada, Edmonton is evolving to meet the needs of a new generation. It was a desire to be a part of this ongoing transformation that led Jeff Chase and Kairi Pawlick to Edmonton’s NextGen. “We are a group of young, community-minded individuals that care about our city,” explains…

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Blatchford: Building Green Homes

As the builder of one of the first net-zero energy homes in North America, Peter Amerongen of Habitat Studio knows about building green. Peter, an award-winning sustainable home builder, has brought his passion for environmentally responsible construction to the Edmonton market for over 35 years. “Our homes are some of the greenest and most energy-efficient…

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