July Construction Update

We are about halfway through the 2017 construction season, and the Blatchford site is changing every day! Road work on Airport Road is now complete, the majority of the water and sewer lines have been installed and connected, and progress is being made on the District Energy Sharing System (DESS).

In June, crews were working on Airport Road to connect the utilities in Blatchford to existing services outside the site. This work is now complete, including repaving this entrance road along the south edge of the neighbourhood.

June construction photo gallery

Crews milling Airport Road. Milling is an initial stage of road construction that involves grinding down, levelling and smoothing the road base to get it ready for paving.
Crews preparing for the repaving of Airport Road.
The newly paved Airport Road has been custom designed to provide a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. Once the onsite electrical system has been completed, the existing power poles will be removed and a wider than standard separate walk, with a landscaped boulevard, will be installed on the Blatchford side of Airport Road.


The water mains going underneath what will be the main entrance road into Blatchford West.
Crews install storm sewer manholes and catch basins. These catch basins will drain rainwater from the street into the underground storm sewer system which then conducts the runoff to the first of two stormwater lakes in the community.
Installation of the District Energy Sharing System (DESS) pipes is underway. The DESS, which will be the on-site energy system for Blatchford, will provide heating, cooling and hot water to the buildings.
Portions of the DESS installed underneath what will be Blatchford Road.