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Blatchford Redefines Community Design

June 22, 2015 City Council has approved the first special area zones for the Blatchford community, making Blatchford one step closer to becoming one of the world’s largest sustainable communities. “Building a community that functions and feels different than a typical neighbourhood requires examining every choice right from the beginning,” says Mark Hall, Executive Director,…

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District Energy Site Testing at Blatchford Begins

April 14, 2015 Large drilling equipment will be at the Blatchford site this week as part of the City of Edmonton’s ongoing testing for building a district energy system in the community. “The district energy system has the potential to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water to all buildings in Blatchford,” said Mark Hall,…

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Cost to remediate first phase significantly under budget As the City of Edmonton gets ready to begin construction at Blatchford, it has released the results of the first stage of remediation work at the site. The cost to remove contaminants from the west side of the site around the former air traffic control tower cost…

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