Blatchford’s Energy Centre One – Designing a building for sustainability.

With residential construction underway, Blatchford is on its way to becoming the home of Edmonton’s first sustainable community. A big part of the neighbourhood being green is the use of an environmentally-friendly District Energy Sharing System, which is a highly-efficient centralized system that provides the energy for heating, cooling (air conditioning) and hot water to homes and buildings. A key component of this energy system is Energy Centre One, which is a utility building that houses mechanical equipment.

Exceptional urban design might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘utility’ and ‘mechanical equipment’. But Blatchford buildings are designed to be not-so-typical. 

Let’s talk about design. This beautiful building will be located in the heart of Blatchford, right next to the future civic plaza, which will be a highly public and pedestrian-friendly area. This prominent location was chosen so Blatchford residents and visitors can see where the community energy is coming from – a renewable energy source in action! 

Soft edges minimize the visual impact for seamless integration into the future public plaza

The building is designed to welcome people by offering an open but sheltered space along with sculptural benches. The feature wood columns provide warmth and highlight a connection to nature.

Prominent use of wood provides warmth and a connection to nature

Aside from looking good, this building is sustainable at its core. With a high-performance building envelope that reduces heat transfer between the inside of the building and the outdoors,  a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, ultra-high performance windows, LED lighting and solar panels, the first Energy Centre complements the sustainability ideals of the community.

Human-scale urban design fosters a strong relationship with the surroundings

A not-so-typical building with a simple, elegant form. Industrial by virtue, yet a building showcasing urban design and sustainability. This is Blatchford Energy Centre One.

Industrial by virtue of its function yet a civic building